Upon seeing this question, you are probably thinking to yourself, aren’t they pretty much the same thing?

If so, you will be very surprised to hear that they are not actually the same at all.

Let’s clear it up…

What is cement?

Cement is actually a binder, meaning that it is used to hold other materials together.

It is used frequently in construction because of its ability to do so.

Cement consists of very specific ingredients, these are: calcium, silicon, aluminum, iron and a few types of minerals.

This combination of ingredients, along with the process of creating the cement, are what allow it to be so effective as a binder.

Whilst there are slightly different ways to make cement, the type most commonly used in construction is Portland cement. (Even Portland cement has multiple variants)

What is concrete

Here is where the difference between them really becomes clear.

The main list of ingredients used to make concrete are: aggregates (which are materials such as rock, sand, or gravel), water and… cement!

That’s right, cement is actually a key component in the production of concrete.

As stated before, cement is classed as a binder, and in concrete, it is used to help bind all the aggregate together. 

So now that you know the difference between concrete and cement, not only are you smarter, you are also allowed to check out this fact below!

The well-known piece of construction equipment that you call a cement mixer, is actually called a concrete mixer.

The reason if has taken on the name of cement mixer, is because people often don’t know the difference between concrete and cement, and therefore have been using it interchangeably.


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