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Building Site Safety When Using Gantry Hoists

Building Site Safety When Using Gantry Hoists Building sites are already dangerous places, but when you start to lift things using hoists and cranes, things become far riskier. This is why the Health and Safety Executive have a whole range of guidance on the safe...

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What Is A Forced Action Mixer and why should I use one?

Is a forced action mixer better than a standard cement mixer, or is there room for both? As with most questions, the answer to this is "sometimes, maybe", because as always, it depends on what you're using them for and the type of material you're looking to mix. For...

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Lifting Granite, Cement And Marble Safely With Vacuum Lifters

Many new commercial buildings are following a trend of paving their walkways with marble, granite or concrete slabs which can give a fantastic finish as well as being easy to maintain, however laying them can be difficult. When laid on a properly prepared bed, they...

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Gantry Hoist Vs. Scaffold Hoist

There are many differences in the gantry hoist and the scaffold hoist. However, there are also many similarities. The gears in the gearmotor are submerged in oil and made of a helical-toothing that will allow the hoist to work at a quieter level. The use of oil as...

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