Construction Enquirer News Staff have more say over “where and when they work”

Skanska has introduced a new flexible working system for staff which means less time in the office and on site.

The contractor said its “Flex-it” framework will “provide employees with more informal flexibility about where and when they work.”

Skanska took part in a flexible working trial last year with a number of rivals.

The initiative has moved up the agenda in the wake of Covid -19 because it “allows scope for people to optimise their personal productivity, for example by reducing unnecessary travel time.”

Skanska UK’s Executive Vice President, Harvey Francis said; “Flex-it gives us greater agility and flexibility that will allow people to perform at their best and marks a significant shift in working patterns for many of our people.

“It has the potential to deliver substantial benefits to our business in a range of ways.

“Flex-it supports our drive to return to full productivity, as well as contributing to significant mental health and wellbeing benefits for our employees.

“It also helps us deliver on our pledge to be carbon neutral by 2045 by cutting the time our employees spend travelling to and from work.”

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