Elite 110 Volt 14 Metre Moulded Plug & Coupler Extension Lead EXL14M

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110 Volt |16 Amps | 2.5mm x 14 Metre H05VV-F Cable | Moulded Plugs & Coupler

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The range of Extension leads available is extensive, made from H05VV-F cable they are used to extend the power supply to where you need it.

The NEW EXL14M 14 Metre extension lead comes with fully encapsulated moulded plugs and couplers which means that you do not need to open the plug and test, if there is no obvious signs of damage simply plug in and test the current which in return saves you valuable time and money

Our complete range are available in various configurations the range includes 110 and 240 volt and are available in 13 Amp, 16 Amp or 32 Amp and in lengths of 14 Metres or 25 Metres.

If you require any further technical advice regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact any member of our sales team.

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