Forced Action Mixer 750L | Resin & Mortar | IMER MIX 750 400V

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750L Forced Action Mortar Mixer

This Imer Mix 750 litre mixer is an optimum answer to working requirements for both bagged pre-mixed materials and silos. The geometry of the mixing paddles make for a fast and homogeneous batching of materials and fast discharge. It discharges through the bottom and has a protection guard for operator protection. The Top guard has a bag splitter and has a safety device that stops the machine if the top is lifted when the machine is still operating.

The designed gearmotor ensures torque even in the most demanding batches. This machine provides you with Fork lift slots under the main chassis for loading and off-loading from your vehicle. However, it is possible to tow this machine. When you drop all four legs for the machine, the Mix 750 can be raised to a height of your requirement. This is so that you can discharge it into different types of containers or wheelbarrows.


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  MIX 750
Drum capacityl750
Mixing performancel480
Drum diametermm1300
Paddle speed – electric motor/petrol enginerpm35/36
Motor power: electric motor/petrol enginekW4/8.1
Electric motor running currentA9
SPL in operator’s position: electric motor/petrol engine dB(A) 70/88
Discharge height: max. – min.mm720-570
Machine weight: electric motor/petrol enginekg720/720
Dimensions w/l/hmm1730/2279/1680



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