Forced Action Mixer 360L | Resin & Mortar | IMER MIX 360 400V

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Forced Action Mixer 360L | Resin & Mortar | IMER MIX 360 400V


The Imer Mix 360 is a forced action mixer that can be towed on site, or on the road, and is available in 3 phase or in petrol. It can mix both dry or wet fine grain materials, such as plaster, mortar, cement, and much more. The machine’s mixing paddles have a slick geometry thus creating a fast and homogeneous batching for materials and fast discharge. The mixers discharge goes through the bottom, and has a protection guard for the operators protection. Within the mixers paddles, there is a rubber insert that reduces the wear of the machine, and makes for an easier cleaning process. The forced action mixer consists of a safety device that stops the machine if the top of it has been lifted when the operation of the mixer is still running. The top guard also has a bag splitter.

The mixing capacity for this machine per cycle is 200 litres, which is in approximation, half of the tanks height. The switch has a NVC that means it has stopped by the top safety device. This means it will not automatically start back up when the top is replaced.


More Info:

  MIX 360
Drum capacityl360
Mixing performancel200
Drum diametermm952
Paddle speed – electric motor/petrol enginerpm36/36
Motor power: electric motor/petrol enginekW3/8.1
Electric motor running currentA7.2
SPL in operator’s position: electric motor/petrol engine dB(A) 70/88
Discharge height: max. – min.mm745-445
Machine weight: electric motor/petrol enginekg357/360
Dimensions w/l/hmm1080/1680/1155


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