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i-Dust grid (with connection for vacuum) to limit the dust in the surrounding environment.

Comes standard with Mix 80

The newest addon for the IMER MIX Range. The i-Dust enables the user to attach a vacuum to the mixer and remove any dust that could potentially pollute the working area or cover nearby surfaces.
Working areas with high volumes of mixing often require strategic pours of powder, intermittent cycles of the mix and lower speed operation to reduce the dust that can be released into the air, however with the i-Dust grid these performance restrictions are no longer necessary.
The i-Dust grid (with connection for vacuum cleaner or extractor) limits the dust in the surrounding environment. Ideal for mixing large or small quantities depending on the unit size.
The i-Dust Grid can be used to support the mixing process of the following materials:
• Skim cote
• Waterproofing products
• Cement-based plasters
• Plaster-based plasters
• Lime-based plasters
• Grouts
• Dry-pack
• Cement with aggregates up to 8 mm
• Self-levelling underlayments
• Masonry mortar
• Fibre-reinforced cement
• Fireproofing materials
Available for the IMER MIX Range in capacities of; 80L, 120L, 360L, 720L.

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i-Dust Vacuum Grid

For Mix 120 +, For Mix 360, For Mix 750

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