MABER MB 500kg 120m Passenger/Goods Construction Hoist

About this Product


The MBC 500 is a Maber Transport Platform that is designed to go up the scaffold to enable easy access to all platforms. The MBC 500 has a maximum anchored weight of 120 meters. Also a holding capacity including a maximum of three people at 500kg. There are two main different specifications, the MBC 500/120-M and MBC 500/120-T both coming with added extras upon your request. With both having different specs and different restrictions it is important to know which one it is that you want and need.

All come with:

  • Option of one or two loading bays, including one unloading ramp.
  • Unloading ramp with side protectors.
  • Fitted with an anti-crushing grate.

Please check the graph for all the information on this transport platform:

[table id=21 /]


Please contact for more info: 

Tel: 0844 800 1750

Fax: 0844 800 1751



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