MABER MBC 2000kg 150m Passenger/Goods Transport Industrial Elevator

MB 2000 150

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The Maber MB 2000/150 is a rack and pinion elevator with a maximum anchored height 150 meters with a climbing speed of 30 meters per minute. It comes in two main specifications, the MB 2000/150 and the MB 2000/150-R. Both coming with added extras upon request. With all having different specs and different restrictions it is important to know which one it is that you want and need.

Both come with:

  • Option of one or two loading bays, including one unloading ramp.
  • Unloading ramp with side protectors.
  • Fitted with an anti-crushing grate.

Please check the graph for all the information:

Max. anchored heightm.150150
Anchorages max distancem.66
Cage widthmm15001500
Cage lengthmm32003200
Three-phase voltageV-Hz400-50400-50
Power supplykW2x9.22x11
Climbing speedm./min.3035
Patented mechanical emergency brake

Added extras:

  • Second loading ramp
  • Base wheels for moving the elevator
  • Sliding landing gates
  • 700mm metal cable drum
  • Manual or electric crane
  • Single-phase plug
  • Cage with extra height for special loads
  • Roof for protection
  • And many more…

Please call for more info and for prices.


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