IMER G500 High Capacity 500kg 42m Gantry Wire Rope Hoist

G500 Gantry Hoist

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Next day delivery on all orders placed before 2pm, UK mainland only for 110V.

240V subject to availability.

About this Product


This 500Kg builder’s gantry hoist has a 42m height of lift gantry hoist is designed to be used within scaffolding or on a flat room where there is no scaffold to attach a lifting hoist to. It has a running beam 3.3m long and allows an overhang of 1m beyond the edge of the safety board to enable material to be manoeuvred along the hoist runway safely and without effort.

The gantry hoist is ideal for the small builder or larger contractor to lift material from the ground or lower material to the ground safely. It has a top limit lever and micro switch to stop the hoist when it is at the top of its lift safely. The hook has a spring-loaded safety catch to keep the load carrier within the hook. The Hoist also has a Brake to control the travel along its runway and Rubber stops at each end of the travel.

To comply with lifting regulations, it comes complete with a front kickboard and lockable back ballast boxes. (250Kg in each box required NOT SUPPLIED)

There are several accessories that are available to use with the G500 gantry hoist:

  • The 120 litre (300kg) Bucket
  • Liftable Wheel Barrow (200kg capacity) that is usable for both wet or dry materials
  • Brick basket
  • Solar panel lifting Beam

See our accessory page for more options.

There is also an Internal Beam with fittings that can be used when the height or area to be used is restricted. This is so that it can be connected directly overhead within a designed scaffold.


Max capacitykg500
Av. full load lifting speedm/min17
Max working heightm42
Ø wire ropemm6
Rope lengthm43
Motor power ratekW1.5 (110V50Hz)
Motor speedrpm1320
Running currentA23
Machine weightkg50
SPL in operator’s positiondB(A)<72
Dimensions w/l/hmm382/800/410
Packing Dimensions w/l/hmm400/820/440



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