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The Böcker Toplift is available in 150kg to 250kg depending on voltage and motor specification. Ladder hoists have been specifically designed so that you can take different materials up to a height of 20m. It is available in 110v or 240v. There are several various carrying devices you can interchange with the hoist. In order to lift plasterboard sheet materials, and wet or dry materials, all these are carried on-board with safety devices to ensure the load is moved in a secure manner. This wire rope hoist has a safety braking system and a slack rope device as a safety feature. Purchase availability for each sections comes in 1m or 3m. Its versatility allows you to use it from 5m up to 20m and the adjustable knuckle can be used to lift tiles onto a pitched roof.


Type Toplift ECOToplift 234Toplift 240
Payload [kg]kg150250230
Hoisting speed [m/min]m/min253420 / 40
Hoisting height max. [m]m20.3020.3020.30
Rope length [m]m444444
Rope diameter [mm]mm566
Voltage [V / Hz]V/Hz 230 / 50
110 / 50
230 / 50230 / 50
Control voltage [V]V242424
Weight of drive unit [kg]475454
Subject to change of dimensions and design.


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