Alulift Industrial Mobile Scaffold Tower 1-12m LOCKHARD

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Alulift Industrial Mobile Scaffold Tower 1-12m LOCKHARD

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Alulift type mobile scaffolds with a mobile work platform from LOCKHARD, have been designed and constructed with the use of an existing technical knowledge and a well-known technical safety criteria. High quality constructions guarantee durability, reliability and an economic and effective performance.

The use of this mobile scaffold with a mobile work platform of this type can easily replace the traditional scaffold. It enables working at height. It may easily be applied within indoor and outdoor facilities. The use of the Alulift will facilitate and improve the performance of construction works, repairs and finishing works, storage works, installation works and maintenance at heights. Working with this type of scaffold will be fast, efficient and economical. The use of it will clearly reduce costs and improve the ease of operation (even at high altitudes) at the same time.

The biggest advantage of the Alulift is that someone can assemble and dissemble it solo.

Base-set includes:

– Platform. Checker plate. See below for sizes.

– Batteries 2 x 12V DC. Charge cycles: 1000

– Remote control

– 8 wheels

– Handrailing with gas-filled shock absorber

– Toeboards

– 2 pcs. frames, diagonal and horizontal braces with Alulock– system.

Optimal Safety

– Build from below to top

– Controller in basket with emergency button

– Automatic stop by overload. Max. 250 kg


3-point stabilizers – included for all sets with platform height: 4 metres.

Battery: 2x12V DC

Reliable performance

Operation time: 1 hour non-stop. 6 m. up and down.

Maintenance Free

Charge cycles: 1000

Re-charging time: 6 hours

 Serie S Serie M Serie XL  
Outside dim. 950 x 1960 mm.Outside dim. 950 x 2640 mm.Outside dim. 1390 x 2640 mm.
Size of platform 660 x 1720 mm.Size of platform 660 x 2400 mm.Size of platform 1100 x 2400 mm.
Max. Height/mArticleno.WeightArticleno.WeightArticleno.Weight
1 metre100 S128 kg100 M160 kg.100 XL181 kg.
2 metres200 S154 kg.200 M187 kg.200 XL211 kg.
3 metres300 S180 kg.300 M213 kg.300 XL240 kg.
4 metres400 S222 kg.400 M257 kg.400 XL287 kg.
5 metres500 S248 kg.500 M283 kg.500 XL316 kg.
6 metres600 S274 kg.600 M310 kg.600 XL346 kg.
7 metres700 S300 kg.700 M337 kg.700 XL376 kg.
8 metres800 S325 kg.800 M363 kg.800 XL405 kg.
9 metres--900 M390 kg.900 XL435 kg.
10 metres--1000 M416 kg.1000 XL464 kg.
11 metres--1100 M443 kg.1100 XL495 kg.
12 metres--1200 M470 kg.1200 XL524 kg.
1 m. extention25.7 kg1 m. extention26.6 kg.1 m. extention29.6 kg.


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