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This lifting wheelbarrow is a safe and easy for you to use and a way of moving all of your important materials from the site floor to various landings throughout, without having to unload at the working height (which you would be required to do if using lifting buckets). It has a Safe Working Load of 200Kg. Professionals have crush tested the wheelbarrow 4 tonnes, and they have tested the wheel from a height drop of 5m with a 25kg weight without the tyre. No damage was done to the wheel when it was put through testing, meaning that it is extremly safe and durable. Thus you will not see any damage when putting the wheelbarrow to use.

When it came to the tyre for the wheel, the manufacturer thought it best to add a pneumatic tyre to it. The heavy gauged plated frame is robust for even the most demanding site work as just a wheelbarrow. Please see the videos of the tests on You Tube or on our own site.

Important Information on the Lifting Wheelbarrow:

  • Suitable for construction, agriculture, gardening, DIY, etc.
  • It is resist high/low temperatures. (-50 / +60 Cº)
  • It is recyclable.
  • We inject polypropylene into the mould for the wheelbarrows and the thickness remains consistent throughout the entire day. The Gardenia wheelbarrow uses a ribbed tray for more strength and durability.
  • Has passed certified severe crash tests.
  • Comes in three different colours: blue, yellow and red also possible in other colours if needed.

Ground transportation of material:

Fill the wheelbarrow in such a way to make sure it is level to allow for the safe transportation of the material. Do not overfill (this will potentially cause injury from calling materials). Keep the handle in position by two U shaped locking clips when moving it around sites. Please be sure to keep them positioned correctly.


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