IMER COMBI 200 VA 200mm Water-Cooled Tile Saw

Combi 200VA Cutting Saw Tile Saw

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The Combi 200 VA comes with a 200mm continuous diamond blade and a folding stand so it can be used on a bench or with the stand for ease of use. The electric water pump keeps the blade cooled and also dust is eliminated by this method. It is a small portable tile saw with lots of power. Lightweight, compact and handy to use, it is ideal for installers. It offers high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut. Cuts (90°) vertically to the support surface or cuts in tilted position between 90° and 45° (depth adjustment is maintained in all positions). Side cutting surface optional to extend cutting by 240 mm, maintaining stability, due to a bracket bolted onto the stand.

  COMBI 200 VA
Blade/bore diametermm200/25.4
Cutting length with (w/out) plunging blademm600(500)
Cutting depth 90° 1 pass/2passesmm40/55
Cutting surface dimensionsmm700x420
Motor power 230V/50HZ/absorptionkW/A1.5/9.4
Motor speedrpm2800
Water pump -IP67, flow rate 13 1/min
Water recovery tray capacity|28
Side surface bracket weightkg0,7
Optional surface weight (with packing)kg2,34 (4,1)
Stand weightkg8,6
Machine weight (with packing)kg33,6 (38)
SPL in operator’s positiondB(A)86
Stand dimensionsmm480/1060/750
Machine dimensionsmm490/900/480
Packing dimensionsmm500/950/530


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