FLEXMOVER Electric Trolley

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FLEXMOVER Electric Trolley

FLEXMOVER Electric Trolley

£10,750.00 Excl. VAT £7,999.00 Excl. VAT

Key Features

Reduces strain on the operator

Lifting Capacity 1,100kg

Easy to use control console

Anti-crush stop button

About this Product


The FLEXMOVER is an electric trolley with a powerful magnetic break. This trolley has been created to use on a construction site and comes in very handy when there is something heavy that needs moving. The main purpose of this machine when put on the market was for shifting around plasterboard. But with the different folding supports and outriggers that can lift at either end. It can be very useful for many other materials that make their way around a construction site.

The hydraulics system for the electric trolley is used for lifting and lowering the bed and ensures a steady and easy operation. The controls for the trolley are on the handle of the machine. It controls the operation of the lifting and lowering of the bed. Yet also the speed of the trolley, fast or slow speed and forward or backwards. The interesting thing on the handle is the emergency stop that when it reverses onto your person. This will cause the electric trolley to bounce forward, reducing or eliminating the risk all together of being injured by the trolley or anything on it.

The wheels on the trolley work in conjunction to one another and will create a sharper and tighter turn, for better use.

The battery system on this electric trolley is a built in one that connects directly to a 110V.




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