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AL-WINHANDLER 400 glass fitter


The creation of this machine is for glass fitting that is used with fork-based vehicles, such as fork lifts and telescopic loaders. The forks of the loader, slides into the fork brackets and secures with locking pins behind the back of the forks.
The suction cups on this glass handler are for use on windows and glass. The vacuum for this machine activates via a remote control that will control the suction cups.
When using this machine, you will want to drive the fork-based vehicle towards the opening of the window to make the initial positioning for the window opening. Then fine tune the position of the glass with the remote control. When the glass fits into the window opening, telescope the window into the window opening with the telescopic loader. Then secure the window with fixing bolts, and finally deactivate and release the vacuum pads with the remote control.
The AL-WINHANDLER 400 glass handler minimises handling of the glass , giving the economic advantages to traditional manual handling. With the possibility to rotate the window as much as needed within 180° angle with locking positions.
This machine comes assembled from the factory and comes with adjustable suction cups and a battery charger.



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