8000kg Vacuum Lifter | Crane Lifter | AL-DYNAMIC 8000

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8000kg Vacuum Lifter | Crane Lifter | AL-DYNAMIC 8000


8000kg Vaccum Lifter | The official UK distributor for Al-Lift | Granite, Marble and Concrete Lifting | Crane Attachment | Crane Lifter

The AL-DYNAMIC 8000 is easy and efficient for handling and laying of non-porous concrete and marble slabs or elements. The design for this machine is for handling slabs and kerbstones as well as jobs on building sites. It has a capacity of up to 8000kg. The AL-DYNAMIC 8000 ensures a fast and precise handling of loads such as; steps, steel plates, balcony repos and much more.

Suspension of this machine is achieved by any carrying vehicle with a hook, rope, chain, wire or something similar and standard power by a 2,8 HP Honda Petrol Engine.

This machine ensures fast and precise handling of slabs, concrete elements, steel plates and much more. It is popular with rental companies and amongst construction companies because of the simple and easy construction.

The handling of this machine is easy and simple:

  • Activate the power on the control panel
  • Start the Honda petrol engine by pulling on the cord
  • Place the suction plate on the load surface and switch the manual valve to activate the vacuum
  • When the buzzer stops and the red warning light on the machine stops, the load is safe and secure, meaning it can be safely lifted.

The suction pad on this machine can easily be changed within minutes, and there is a wide range of pads to be used with the machine.



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