500kg Vacuum Lifter | Al-LIFT AL-ATOMIC 500

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500kg Vacuum Lifter | Al-LIFT AL-ATOMIC 500


500kg Vaccum Lifter | The official UK distributor for Al-Lift | Granite, Marble and Concrete Lifting | Crane Attachment

The AL-ATOMIC 500 is a battery powered vacuum lifter for handling granite, marble, non-porous concrete slabs and plates. This is up to a safe working load of 500kg, however this is dependent on the suction pads. This machine suspends on a crane or an excavator.

This small however powerful machine is simple and easy to use. You will be able to start the vacuum pump by pressing the start button on the control panel. Use the manual slide valve for the suction and to release the load. Once the adequate amount of vacuum pressure has been achieved the warning signal will turn off.

The warning signal will run once once. Thus, meaning the load can then be lifted.

The quick coupler allows changing the suction pads in just a few minutes. A wide assortments of various sized suction pads are available.


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