Pedestrian Tunnels: Strong, Secure and Adaptable Coverings.

Performing the important task of preserving and ensuring public safety from accidental falls of debris, tools, materials and liquids from above in the presence of air platforms, air stairs, fixed and mobile scaffolds, and on other numerous applications.

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Unique Features

All modules can be joined together on both the long and short sides. This property allows you to adapt the tunnel in any situation and to create customized protected passages. The cover is made of highly resistant alveolar polycarbonate capable of cushioning and absorbing even violent shocks from great heights.


Convenient Collapsible Design

The assembly is fast and very easy, it takes one person only one minute to place and erect the unit.

Variety of Combinations

The possibility to join more units together thanks to a fast and precise anchorage system allows to create a safe and covered path of infinite combinations, widths and lengths.


CE Certified

Genius pedestrian tunnel is an innovative product certified by the CE (European Community).


Branding and Advertising

All units are able to display 2.14m by 2.00m UltraMesh Signage, great for Third Party Paid Advertising or Company Branding.

Designs and Printing can be provided by direct.

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