Happy New Year from all at CLM!

We hope you had a great Christmas break and have returned to work fully refreshed and ready to hit the new year running!

Now there is one thing that springs to mind when we hear new year, and that is new products.

That’s right, we have recently updated our store to offer a brand new line of products call AL-Lift.

AL-Lifts are a fantastic series of vacuum lifts which allow you to pick-up, move and place heavy objects without having to worry about dropping them or causing injury.

These tools are excellent for paving jobs. For single slab work, we have the wired AL-Manoly or the wireless AL-Butler 200, both of which have excellent suction power. Moving on we have the AL-Mobivac, this powerful machine offers multiple suction pads which makes moving multiple items at once a cinch. If all of that doesn’t have you sucked in, then the AL-Blazer 2000 is sure to do the trick. This vacuum lift comes with an adjustable tower, which enables high precision and quick work rates.

In addition to our fantastic new range of AL-Lifts, we also have the perfect accompaniment. The FLEXMOVER electric trolley. This trolley is electronically powered and is used to assist the operator when moving heavy loads, not only does this help prevent physical strain, it also saves time as moving objects is both easier and quicker.

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