Construction Enquirer News North West contractors gears-up for expansion after series of contract wins

North West building services engineering contractor Ameon has confirmed plans to create 100 new posts across the business.

The move comes as Ameon expands its Lancashire headquarters and gears up for a series of new contracts on major construction developments in the region.

A number of the new posts will be filled by qualified electricians, plumbers and heating and ventilation specialists.

Opportunities will be spread around the region, with a concentration of trades’ personnel to be deployed in the Manchester area, where Ameon features in a series of high profile residential and commercial construction projects in the city centre.

Conservative MP for Fylde, Mark Menzies, said: “I am delighted to see Ameon thriving and choosing to invest its future in our young people.

“It is fantastic to see a local business benefitting from the construction boom in the North West, and that so many of these jobs will help young people gain experience and skills in a sector that is booming.”

Ameon’s managing director, Robin Lawson added: “This has come about because of investment back into the business, and a clear vision for our future.

“That’s how we’ve managed to ride the economic waves in our sector over the past decade, and it’s why we are in a position now, despite the impact of Covid-19, to create employment opportunities for more people to play a part in our story going forward.”

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