MBC 2000

The MBC 2000 is CLM Construction Supplies Ltd’s best selling Rack & Pinion hoist.

The Flagship Hoist

 The flagship MABER machine is a one of a kind on the market, lifting loads of up to 2-tonne
whilst operating on a single mast.

Fully Modular

With unique features such as a fully opening C-Door, the MBC 2000 allows for efficient loading and unloading of sheets at ground level.

Key Features

  • The Rack & Pinion hoist is completely modular, meaning the hoist can be tied
    from the left hand side of the machine or the right hand side. This is perfect for
    the specific access needs of any site.
  • The machine also boasts a large platform size of 1.5 metres by 3.2 metres,
    essential for personnel to transport heavy tools their desired working height.
  • A call system is also available for each gated platform, allowing the hoist to
    operate similarly to a conventional lift.

MABER Hoists

For over 30 years MABER have been working with vertical transportation systems in more than 60 countries, with dedication, professionalism and success acknowledged by the international market. Right from the beginning, MABER have decided to specialise in only on the rack & pinion lifting systems.

Confident Customers


We were delighted to receive our 5 brand new Maber Hoists and accompanying components recently. We can’t thank CLM and Maber enough for their excellent service.

Since January, Brexit has had a dramatic effect on the importation of goods from Europe, but dealing with CLM and Maber, you would not know it.

We have been particularly pleased with not only the supply of Hoists, but also the technical support provided by CLM Construction Supplies Ltd & as such we value our long-standing trading relationship with them very highly.

- Chris Douce

Compliance & Technical Manager, Hoist Hire Services Limited

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