Construction Enquirer News Fire protection and structural integrity impresses architect

A townhouses development in East Sussex features the traditional finish of slate hanging fixed across Magply boards with horizontal battens.

The properties are being built for BAOBAB Developments by Brighton based Magnificent Works Company, while John Pardey Architects (JPA) was responsible for their design.

Subcontractor Oval Carpentry from Worthing is installing the 9mm Magply boards across timber studwork, infilling a steel frame, ready for the battens and an underlay.  Marley Eternit cement slates then complete the upper elevations.

Pivotal to the specification was the need to create a wall zone which can resist the passage of fire from outside the structure.

This is a role to which Magply is ideally suited: frequently being specified for flat developments and buildings in very close proximity to neighbouring properties.

Architect Pete Humphry from JPA said: “The three townhouses are blockwork built up to first floor level with a steel frame above that and timber infill.

“We originally considered using a rival fire resistant board until a colleague of mine brought in a sample of Magply from another of our residential projects where it was being used.

“Basically Magply appeared to offer greater structural integrity whilst still providing fire protection behind the slates which was crucial.”


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