Maber have been around for over thirty years and have worked on their vertical transportation systems in more than sixty countries. They have enlisted us as their UK supplier for all their products. Right from the beginning they decided to specialise in rack and pinion lifting systems. Select machines benefit from a variable frequency drive built in for easier use.

Maber products have been designed for simple and easy instillation, though we do provide the service if needed. When creating the machines, Maber safety is at the forefront of their minds, so they have designed them to be as safe and risk free as possible.

All aspects of the hoists have been designed for transportation by truck or container, without the need for disassembling and therefore avoiding complications when the machine is installed and first switched on. An advantage to the Maber hoists, is that when it is assembled it takes up as little space as possible, meaning it is easily stored.

The products created by Maber are all carefully tested prior to being shipped out of their warehouse.

Spare parts for the machine that we hold in stock can be shipped out within 24 hours of ordering for urgent needs.

Onsite there will be a Maber certified member of staff from our team to insure the instillation is done correctly and is health and safety approved.

Training courses are available for licencing on the assembly and the maintenance of the machines.



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