Many new commercial buildings are following a trend of paving their walkways with marble, granite or concrete slabs which can give a fantastic finish as well as being easy to maintain, however laying them can be difficult.

When laid on a properly prepared bed, they are tough, resilient and will last an extremely long time, however, while being transported and fitted, they are prone to damage.

Given the weight of the material, carrying them carefully is essential.

A concrete paving slab could be 40kg or more, meaning it’s at least a two-man job, but even with two people handling them, on large jobs, it’s simply not practical without some sort of lifting equipment.

Vacuum Lifters from CLM

For jobs such as paving, the two-person vacuum lifter from AL-LIFT is perfect.

It’s able to lift 140kg, giving the operators plenty of scope and capacity to lift and move slabs easily and interchangeable suction cups are designed for many surfaces.

Need more though? If you really have heavy items to lift, we have vacuum lifters that can handle up to 24 tons.

There are other benefits of this kind of system beyond lifting capacity and ease of use, one of the most important being the avoidance of damage to the sides of the slabs that can occur when using grips.

Rather than gripping the side of the slabs, putting pressure on the edges and potentially damaging the brittle edges, the suction cup works in the centre of the slab.

This means that the slab can then be accurately and easily put in place without any damage and with the minimum of fuss.


Keeping the AL-LIFT lifter in tip-top condition is easy due to its simple and tough construction, however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you’re going to be storing it, make sure that all moving parts are lubricated so they don’t lock or rust.

During regular use, make sure tyre pressures are correct, ensure there are no obvious leaks in the cylinders or hose connections and check the cables and handles.

Other than that, we’d recommend a yearly inspection.


The AL-LIFT vacuum lift is built to stringent safety standards, however, it is essential that operators use common sense and follow normal building site safety regulations.

For example, helmet and gloves are always recommended, as well as reinforced boots, but check with your on-site safety inspector before using any hydraulic equipment.

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