This new good practice document from the CPA provides guidance in an easily digestible form on the design and installation of construction hoist bases and supporting ties. All construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) rely on their bases and ties for stability. This applies equally to all types and sizes of machine – passenger/goods, goods only, transport platforms and MCWPs – from the smallest to the largest.

Recent changes to standards for both hoists and the construction fixings used to attach ties to supporting structures have resulted in confusion in the calculation of tie loads, the design of ties and the selection of fixings to attach those ties to structures. The increasing emphasis on the management of temporary works on construction projects requires that the design of hoist bases, ties and their fixings are recorded and subjected to checking.

A lack of understanding of the calculation of tie forces frequently results in excessive safety factors being applied, resulting in uneconomic tie designs requiring many fixings to attach them to the supporting structure. This has the effect of increasing costs and the difficulty of installing many fixings in one location, with the associated work at height issues.

Unfamiliarity with hoist tie and base design can provide difficulties for those carrying out temporary works checks, leading to misunderstandings and delays to programme. Hoist tie and base design should always be carried out by those with the necessary skills, knowledge, training and experience to undertake this work competently.

The aim of this document is to provide clear guidance on tie and base design, the selection and installation of fixings, and the presentation of temporary works information in a standard format.

Accompanying the guidance is a Construction Hoist Temporary Works Report form which is designed to assist the site appointed Temporary Works Coordinator in understanding the information supplied for a hoist installation and allow them to evaluate whether further information needed to make any necessary recommendations or approvals.

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