First and foremost, electricity can be extremely dangerous and is not something that should be taken lightly. Below there is listed some of the basic electrical faults that can be rectified by the proper personnel. If there are any further repairs they should only be carried out by qualified and suitable people.


Please do remember that all machines being attempted for repair should be disconnected from the electrical supply before commencing a repair.


First Step:

  • Check that the voltage is being received by the hoist, so please plug in another 110 volt appliance to test this.
  • Please make sure that the stop button is not locked in the off position.
  • Make sure the thermal overload has not been tripped.
  • Be sure to have the correct thickness of cable. If unsure please consult manual.
  • Ensure you are using the appropriate transformer.


Second Step:

  • Substitute the pendant with a working pendant. Please take caution as single and dual limit pendants are not interchangeable.
  • If the hoist then operates correctly the fault is within the pendant. So, please check the plug connections, the cable, and the pendant pod.
  • If the fault still exists after all this, then please proceed to step three.


Third Step:

  • When the hoist lowers but will not lift – please proceed to check the operation of the top limit switch and arm.
  • The hoist lifts but will not lower – make sure to check the operation of lower limit switch.  (dual limit only)
  • Listen for the break to release – loud click – if it does not click substitute the break rectifier – also check for mechanical fault i.e. air gap, corroded break disk, seized break.
  • Break releases but motor cannot start – substitute capacitor – on dual capacitor machines substitute one and then the other.


If nothing on these lists rectifies the problem with your hoist, then please make sure you give us a ring or send us an email regarding the situation and we will see if we can solve the problem, or if it is a possibility for us to repair the machine ourselves.


Contact info: 

Tel: 0844 800 1750

Fax: 0844 800 1751



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