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Do you already use lifting equipment, cutting equipment or mixing equipment? If so, we can fully recommend transformers, cables and extension leads perfect for your new or existing kit.

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Electrical transformers are machines that transfer electricity from one circuit to another with changing voltage level but no frequency change. Today, they are designed to use AC supply, which means that fluctuation in supply voltage is impacted by the fluctuation in the current. So, an increase in current will bring about an increase in the voltage and vice versa.

Safe and convenient, a cable reel can handle several power sources at once. If you’ve lots of wires, an extension cord reel can also be tucked away behind furniture for a tidy looking home. CLM Construction Supplies have various lengths of cable reel for sale, from a 2-socket, 5-metre extension cord reel to a 4-socket cable reel with 40 metres of generous length.

Extension leads and cable reels are essential for extending electrical power to where you need it. Our internal and external extension leads are ideal for powering construction equipment and other electrical equipment. Our outdoor extension leads and cables are weather resistant and great for any external DIY jobs that need a power source. We offer a wide range of alternatives, including a various number of sockets.

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