Construction Enquirer News North West building contractor sees much brighter prospects ahead

Preston-based Conlon Construction is the latest firm to report good order levels for the next two years.

The private North West building firm said the growth in 2020/21 workload was being aided by project slippages brought about by both Covid and Brexit.

The building contractor is also waiting for decisions from clients on several big schemes including a big contract for Lancashire University management school involving major refurbishment and new build works.

Conlon is also enjoying wins from places on YORbuild and NorthWest construction Hub frameworks.

In the latest published results to April 2020, chairman Michael Conlon reported revenue slipped back 7% to £38m with pre-tax profit down a fifth to around £1m.

The average project size this year was £4.7m (2019: £4.12m), with the largest project undertaken by the company worth £7.1m (2019: £15m).

Conlon said the outlook was now starting to look a lot brighter.

The order book for the two years ahead however looks promising with the prospect of turnover in the region of £45m.

“The directors’ preferred platform for growth remains, where possible, to pursue an incremental increase in the average size of the projects we undertake.”

Next year the firm, which employs around 80 staff, celebrates 60 years since being set up by the five Conlon brothers.



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