Here at CLM Construction Supplies Ltd we specialise in high end Cutting, Lifting and Mixing equipment. We supply a variety of tile cutters, ranging from 600mm cutting length to 1500mm. The Combi 250VA series with a single phase 110v or 240v electric motor therefore is an ideal instrument to use for all your cutting needs. You are able to cut many materials including ceramic, bricks, and stone. Due to a maximum cutting depth of 105mm at a 90° angle, the Combi 250VA series is perfect for all situations.

The light and compact tile saw ensures maximum cutting precision thanks to its user-friendly structure and built in laser on the 250VA/1000 and the 250VA/1500. It offers a high cutting capacity: the blade is suitable for all types of material to be cut. There are optional side surfaces on the 250VA/600 and the 250VA/1000 or coming standard with the 250VA/1500, maintaining stability due to a bracket bolted onto the stand.



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