A recurring theme across the past couple of decades has been the need for businesses and technology to be more green and less damaging to the environment. In light of this, we are pleased to announce that we have taken a healthy step in the right direction to help the environment and to help keep the company’s emissions down. We are now the proud owners of our very first petrol hybrid car, a Volkswagen Passat GTE. In addition to this, we have traded in an older diesel car.

The Passat is a hybrid car, meaning it creates much less emissions than the average petrol or diesel car, with the CO2 emissions at only 40 g/km, and the Euro emissions standard being 6. We purchased this vehicle with the means of going greener and helping the environment.

By just plugging the car into a socket in the wall, called EV Charging Point, this means it can be charged with ease. When the charging point is not being used, there is a key hole on the side of the charging point that locks the opening, meaning only the keyholder can use the socket.


The plug socket on the car is at the front, so it is easily accessible for charge. It can be accessed from inside the car by the click of a button.

There is a downloadable app, that is connected to the car that provides the user with information about the current MPG and emission levels.

Below is the home page for the app. It shows how long you have left in the car till you need to charge it and/or fill the petrol tank back up.


What it means for CLM to create less emissions.

It means that we can provide you with the same products and services, just with less of an impact on the environment. They save you a lot of money in the long run, as they require a lot less fuel than other cars.

Yes, it may still be a small market. However, a lot of people are turning to the option of using a hybrid car. There have been over 160,000 sold in the UK in 2017 alone. And now more than ever it is easy enough to find public charging points. From motorways to hotels, there’s always somewhere to charge your car.


Our electric alternative machines.

All the machines we supply have an electric motor or have an electric alternative. There are only a handful of machines that we supply that have either the petrol or diesel options. The Syntesi, Syntesi R, Rollbeta, Mix 360, and the Mix 750.



The Syntesi is one of the smaller mixers we supply and is designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers.

For this machine, the options include Petrol or Diesel, but it also comes in a single phase 220V/50HZ electric motor – available for all variations of this machine.






Syntesi R

The Syntesi R is a very similar machine to the Syntesi; however, it is a road towable mixer.

This machine comes in Petrol and Diesel, however can also come with a single-phase 230V/50Hz electric motor. Which is positioned in a sheltered compartment protected from dust and atmospheric agents.





rollbeta Concrete mixerRollbeta

The Rollbeta is the smallest one of our mixers. It is a lightweight, compact concrete mixer that is easily transportable. It is ideal for small building sites or for refurbishing work. Its construction features make it suitable for professional use.

This machine comes in a petrol engine, however also comes in a 110V/50Hz or a 230V/50Hz engine.





Mix 360 & Mix 750

Imer MIX 360 Mortar MixersImer Mix 750 Mortar Mixers

The Mix 360 and the Mix 750 are both mortar mixers with a high production capacity. They are an optimum answer to working requirements for both bagged pre-mixed materials and silos. With pneumatic wheels for excellent on-site mobility.

These machines come with a petrol engine, but also have an electric alternative of 400V/ 3 phase motor and has an electric safety limit switch.

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