Construction Enquirer News Wienerberger joins Ibstock with across the range price rises

Leading brick makers are warning contractors of a further round of sharp price rises in the New Year.

Manufacturer Wienerberger has become the latest to notify customers of an across the range rise of 10.3% on new orders and pre-orders awaiting dispatch on or after 1 January 2022.

Wienerberger warned the planned price rises should cover expected increased production and investment costs but could not promise to cap the increase for next year.

In a letter to customers the firm said: “We expect these prices will be sufficient to cover the confirmed cost increases we have already incurred during the year and, given the highly volatile outlook regarding cost developments, we will be closely reviewing how the situation evolves over the next months and hence reserve the right to further update our prices in 2022 should this be required.”

Last month rival brick giant Ibstock notified its customers that prices would rise by 10.5% across it ranges from November. It blamed higher energy and fuel prices and exceptional price increases on haulage.

Fellow brick maker Michelmersch has also recently notified customers of a 7%-9% rise, according to brickwork contractors.

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