CLM Construction Supplies LTD invest in the future with a range of new product lines. CLM has a strong service ethos which is driven by the breadth of our networks, knowledge and quality of our people and equipment. We aim to support all customer requirements in order to build, maintain and operate the built environment.

CLM leads in the best practice in the construction industry and are the pioneers in innovative equipment and services.

According to AMA Research, it is estimated that construction accounts for around two thirds of the plant hire market, because of this, demand for plant hire is dependent on the level of construction activity and market performance. The UK plant hire market is very competitive and requires companies to set themselves apart from others.

Innovation is one key way to help businesses grow as the market is fairly fragmented and includes both national hire companies and local independents As the market structure con nues to evolve, companies must also progress with it and adapt to the new changes.

By doing this, CLM aim to create an innovative environment which will increase employee mo va on, creativity, giving them a strong workforce. CLM have employed two new employees to help the growth of the business and strengthen their online presence as well as bring new ideas forward in terms of creativity.

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