Construction Enquirer News 100-metre steel bridge falls over while being transported for lifting

A 160-tonne steel bridge toppled on its side during installation work near Glasgow Airport on Sunday night.

Wills Bros Civil Engineering is main contractor on the infrastructure site where the pedestrian and cycle bridge was due to be craned into position over the Black Cart river during weekend road closures.

But the 100-metre long structure toppled over while it was being moved on transport bogeys.

The bridge crushed a car but there were no injuries during the incident.

Wills Bros said: “We can confirm an incident occurred last night 22/11/20 involving the transportation of the new Black Cart Cycleway Bridge superstructure within the Glasgow Airport Investment Area site.

“There was no injury to personnel and an incident investigation is now underway along with the specialist contractor engaged to complete the move.”

The bridge is due to open for public use in spring 2021.

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